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Yvonne Yeung

Markham & the Greater Toronto Area, ON





Having worked for the private, public, and non-profit sectors in North America, Yvonne Yeung brings a unique mix of executive leadership experience to her role as TEC Chair. Her award-winning strategies have driven progressive corporate culture, including securing over $1 trillion in investment and elevating a national brand within three years.

Specializing in executive strategy, transformational leadership, and resource modernization, Yvonne has occupied multiple leadership roles within the renowned Urban Land Institute—the world’s largest city-building think-tank. She authored leadership manuals to inform industries how to transform the future of communities around the globe, capitalize on ESG value creation, improve quality of life, and de-risk & accelerate investment returns through a synergistic innovation blueprint.

With a belief in the power of thought leadership and a growth mindset to lead in the unknown, Yvonne is passionate about helping successful CEOs to achieve positive transformative impact and be models of courageous leaders. She does this through ‘Teaming’, which:

  • Creates a safe, unbiased, & collaborative space for creative problem-solving and strategy testing
  • Facilitates outcome-focused, executive-level feedback for making insightful decisions
  • Supports leaders in developing their grit to become agenda-setters and shape future trends with practical on-the-ground solutions

Gifted in system thinking, storytelling, change management, and strategic partnerships, Yvonne is the recipient of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management Executive MBA Award and numerous industry awards in city building.

Yvonne shares her holistic knowledge of integrative leadership with ambitious leaders in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area. Members of her CEO group learn to fully utilize untapped resources and gain impactful results through an empowering feedback loop of discovery.

TEC Group Vision

Together, we utilize executive teamwork to build thoughtful and courageous leaders. We accelerate transformative impact, collaborate intentionally to model accountability, build trust, and sustain long lasting relationships. We are trendsetters who invest in thought leadership and innovate effective execution to shape a better world. As a team, we champion well-balanced personal and professional lives to lead stronger and lead longer.

Through nurturing purposeful leadership, our CEO group strives to shape leadership mindsets, elevate potential, and be a guiding light to unleash the strength of diversity, sustain economic resiliency, and innovate ways to enhance the world in which we live.


  • Yvonne grew up in a 15-minute city in Hong Kong where she walked to all her daily needs. The city’s vibrancy, street life, and interconnectedness of people from all walks of life intrigued her, allowing Yvonne to know that she wanted to become a city builder at a young age.
  • Blessed with a caring husband and an energetic daughter and son with broad visions for the future, the Yeungs enjoy travelling, experiencing global cultures, and drawing inspiration to make the world a better place.

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