Susan Motkaluk was recognized with the 2023 Group Launch Award, Chair Excellence Award, and Master Chair Award. For more information on our 2023 Chair Awards, please click here

Susan Motkaluk

Kitchener/ Waterloo/ Toronto, ON

“See the invisible, do the impossible.”

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With 25+ years in executive leadership, Susan Motkaluk has led organizations through substantial growth and sustainable solutions. She is a community builder with a focus on partnerships, communication and finding common goals with multiple stakeholders.

In her previous role with the City of Swift Current, she led the strategic plan for revitalizing the downtown market and infrastructure in response to Saskatchewan’s rapid business growth. Collaborating with City Council and building long-term partnerships within the community, she broke records of development activity from 2011-2015 and successfully elevated civic pride. Additionally, she secured a billion-dollar investment for a gas-fired electrical generation station for the city, further solidifying Swift Current’s rising reputation as a business epicenter.

Most recently as CEO of the Southbridge Development Corporation, she created and implemented a 10-year strategy for a community hub-based model for the Southbridge Care Homes Long-Term Care Facilities.

Susan welcomes members with integrity who are dedicated to their growth, sustainable development and supporting the Canadian business community.

TEC Group Vision

“To increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs through an environment of growth, challenge, care and trust.”


• B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Honours), University
of Waterloo
• Co-author of an academic textbook, Watershed Health Monitoring Emerging Technologies
• Her work on the Laurel Creek Watershed Monitoring Program received a United Nations designation as a Global Good Practice and Dubai International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment
• Won a Bravo Excellence Award for her work in leading the development of the Green Energy Strategy in Ontario
• Enjoys windsurfing and running
• Has two boys, Robbie and Cash

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