Why Technology Needs Gender Diversity

Why Technology Needs Gender Diversity | Kylie Woods


This episode of The Leadership Standard podcast with host Gair Maxwell features an inspiring conversation with Kylie Woods, empowering voice for women in tech and Founder of Chic Geek—a welcoming non-profit organization and community for women exploring technology and entrepreneurship. Named one of Avenue Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40, Metro News’ “Calgary Heroes”, and Alberta Venture’s “Need to Know”, Kylie is an avid-learner, tenacious question-asker, and an empowering voice for women in STEM.

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Where did Kylie’s goal to build gender diversity in tech stem from, you might wonder? Well, not only are there not enough women in tech, the industry is losing the ones it does have—women are 2X as likely to quit the tech industry as men. If this attrition could be reduced by even just a quarter, 220,000 women would be put back into STEM. Sitting at the intersection of retaining the current women in tech to create leadership positions and building role model opportunities to encourage the recruitment of more women, Chic Geek is creating an inclusive space where women’s careers and lives can thrive.



  • [13:15] How to raise capital for your small business
  • [24:05] Her biggest mistake as an entrepreneur and why is still brings her shame
  • [14:26] Why investing in relationships is critical
  • [7:18] Her experience in “The Messy Middle”—the moment when you realize you have come too far to turn around and look forward to see an impossibly long journey
  • [15:52] The impact Chic Geek has made on women in tech
  • [21:22] Her definition of leadership

Sitting on the advisory committee for the Chiu School of Business Dean’s Strategic Advisory Committee at the Bow Valley College, The51 Community Council, the Calgary Innovation Coalition Board and the Women’s Economic Recovery Advisory Committee with the Status of Women, Kylie is a thought leader in the technology gender diversity space.


Chic Geek exists to build gender diversity in technology. Through programs, events, services and partnerships, they create connections that help intermediate women in technology achieve thriving and meaningful careers. Learn more on the Chic Geek website here!

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