Thomas Benjoe

Interview with Thomas Benjoe


Thomas Benjoe – President and CEO of FHQ Developments and TEC Canada member – joins Gair Maxwell for a raw conversation that uncovers the triumphs, struggles, disruptions, and future opportunities of the fastest-growing population in Canada – Indigenous people.

As Thomas and Gair unwrap the effects of institutionalized racism against Indigenous populations, listeners will gain insights about how FHQ Developments is leading positive change within the Canadian business landscape, and how business leaders across Canada can take the first step to formalize Indigenous Engagement objectives and goals.

Accompanied by selfless-leadership perspectives and an explanation about why he weighs every business decision against its future impact (to the extent of seven generations in the future), listeners will be hard-pressed to leave this episode of The Leadership Standard without moments of reflection, introspection, and the resources to begin making a difference.

About the Leadership Standard

The Leadership Standard, hosted by TEC Canada speaker and branding expert Gair Maxwell, explores real-life stories from leaders all across the business spectrum. It’s an intimate discovery of how they shift between triumphs, struggles, failures, disruptions and future opportunities. Each episode is a revealing conversation about the life of business and the business of life; up close and personal in a way that leaves both the audience and the guest surprised by what they uncover.

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