Iggy Domagalski

Interview with Iggy Domagalski – CEO of Tundra Process Solutions


Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Wroclaw, Poland, and raised in Winnipeg, Iggy Domagalski always knew that he wanted to run his own company. In his captivating conversation with Gair Maxwell, TEC Canada speaker and branding expert, Iggy reminisces about the days of launching a painting business, the trials and tribulations of starting an online marketing company in the early ’90s, and how his leadership journey eventually led to him becoming the CEO of Tundra Process Solutions – where he drove its transformation of a small instrumentation distributor to an innovative $140-million industrial equipment integrator.

In addition to being the CEO of Tundra Process Solutions – an organization that is continuously distinguished as one of Canada’s best employers – Iggy has been recognized among Oilweek’s Rising Stars, Alberta Oil’s New Energy Leaders, and Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40.

Throughout Iggy and Gair’s conversation, listeners will become equipped with the secret to Tundra’s exponential growth, award-winning reputation, and how to facilitate a culture that employees really want to work at. Hint: it doesn’t matter how many table tennis or foosball tables you have within your organization.

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