The Competitive Advantage That 15,000+ CEOs Swear By | Don Schmincke, Strategic Growth Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker


In this episode of The Leadership Standard podcast hosted by Gair Maxwell, Don Schmincke helps executives accelerate business performance and reveals how to effectively lead organizational change, develop strategy and create and manage great teams.

When Don Schmincke left academia to research how leaders impact civilization, he was not prepared for the support and response he received. The journey began when entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners vented frustrations with the high failure rates of management theories, experts, and programs. Unaware of their world while he was pursuing the sciences at MIT, it was while teaching at Johns Hopkins University that the ideal laboratory emerged to explore why these failures happen – and how to fix them.

Now, after working with over 15,000+ CEOs, he has validated the protocols for success. Many CEOs find them “delightfully irreverent with blinding flashes beyond popular theories” and are pleased with the unexpected impact on their balance sheets.

His work has been recognized in national media such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He flies 200,000 miles annually keynote speaking at conferences, training CEOs in his workshops, and working with clients in every industry from the Department of Defense strategy to large and small corporations that include the healthcare, manufacturing/distribution, information/ communications, and finance/insurance sectors.

About The Leadership Standard Podcast

The Leadership Standard, hosted by TEC Canada speaker and branding expert Gair Maxwell, features in-depth conversations with subject matter experts all across the business spectrum.

Featuring thought leadership and actionable insights to challenge your assumptions – and inspiring stories of business triumphs, struggles, and perseverance that provide a motivational push – every episode of The Leadership Standard is a revealing discussion about the life of business and the business of life.

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