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Joe Gillivan

TEC CEO and KEY Executive Chair
Halifax, NS

“My training has taught me to ask powerful questions and my current experience as a coach and TEC Chair allows me to help people discover their own answers.”

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An astute man once said that it’s not the ship so much as skilled sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. Joe Gillivan – a passionate sailor – embraces the ever-shifting challenges of the sea and brings the same passion to serving others, including the leaders he guides through the (sometimes choppy) waters of transformational change.

Joe has over 30 years of experience in leadership roles in the hospitality industry, where his commitment is to develop high-performance teams focused on employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Managing properties with Westmont Hospitality – one of the world’s largest privately held hospitality organizations – and Commonwealth Hospitality, he delivered industry-leading ROI.

Now, Joe’s training as a professional coach has allowed him to “deepen the conversation” with senior executives looking to become better leaders and find work-life balance. His organization, Serviam Executive Coaching helps leaders identify their true purpose and make positive change in their business and personal lives.

TEC Group Vision

Helping leaders identify their true purpose and effect transformational change in their business and personal lives.


  • Raised in Ireland; lived all over Canada
  • Currently lives in Halifax, NS with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters
  • CHA designation and Adler Certified Professional Coach
  • Loves sailing, coastal hiking, and cooking for family and friends

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