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With the U.S. and China reaching a Phase One deal, the ‘worst-case scenario’ is off the table – for now. Work towards a Phase Two deal will mean stronger commodity prices and stronger CAD as well. The Canadian economy continues to report poor numbers; business sector productivity is up only 0.6% y/y while worker compensation and unit labour costs are up y/y/ 4.4% and 3.8% respectively. A strong U.S. consumer, low weekly jobless claims and the recent swing from net oil and petroleum importer to exporter (first time since 1949) forecasts at least 9 more months of U.S. economic growth before the next recession. The U.S. housing sector is beginning to appear as a growth sector with new home sales up 31.6% in October from a year earlier.


  • The volume for non-energy and energy exports have been flat since mid-2018 causing companies to have weaker profit margins
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan are showing outright declines in business activity as well as housing starts, falling well below their 2000-2018 average. BC is declining economically from the slowdown in China and the Pacific Rim. Quebec however will be the nation’s economic growth leader with an advance of 2%
  • De-escalation in the U.S./China trade war means Canada should remain recession free through 2021


  • Spending on intellectual property (software, R&D) is soaring at record levels; 7.8% increase on a y/y basis. This is now near spending on manufactured equipment ($1.022B vs. $1.237B)
  • The south continues to be the strongest market for new single-family homes. Compared to a year ago (October), new home sales are up 41%. Out west, new home sales are also up at 22% y/y; however many metro areas in California show y/y price declines – San Jose, San Francisco/Oakland, San Diego and Anaheim


  • There is a recovery for global commodity prices with a stabilization in lumber, gypsum and insulation pricing. A revival in U.S. housing construction and a more positive global economic outlook will increase copper prices


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