“If the business was going to continue to thrive, I knew that I needed this same coaching in my professional life. That is when I joined TEC.”


Michael Horne was born and raised in Parry Sound, Ontario, and considers himself fortunate to have grown up with two very supportive parents and two brothers. He attended the University of Ottawa in the Bachelor of Science program, with a focus on human kinetics and biology. It became clear to him, however, that this was not his career path. Rather, it was the business aspect that held his interest.

“After graduating, I was approached by the father of one of my university friends,” said Michael, “he worked for Great-West Life and made a habit of recruiting everyone fresh out of school. That connection gave me my start in employee benefits.”


After working for various large insurance companies, Michael joined Carleton Financial Group, an employee benefits and group retirement consulting firm in 2007 with three other partners. In 2011, they were approached by a multi-national firm asking if they were looking to sell. One partner jumped at the opportunity and in 2013 they re-branded the company to Meldrum Horne & Associates.

In 2014, Michael experienced the death of his business partner, Bob Meldrum, their “senior” partner and his mentor. “Having gone through the death of a partner so early in our career, we have a unique story to tell,” said Michael, “we had to earn clients’ trust and establish credibility with providers, colleagues and staff.” Despite their tragic and sudden loss, Bob had made sure that there was a succession plan in place and this foresight gave them a fighting chance. “At a time when emotions were running high, we didn’t have to think, we simply had to execute the plan, it was the key to our success,” said Michael, “Meldrum Horne & Associates is about mitigating risk, protecting the business and everyone in it, folks like me, the small business owner.”


The company’s growth and retention rates were through the roof and they were barely keeping their heads above water. “Playing and competing in high level sports all my life has taught me the importance of process and discipline and the value of teamwork,” said Michael, “however, I have always been lucky to have coaches who push me to learn and to grow beyond what I think is even possible. If the business was going to continue to thrive, I knew that I needed this same coaching in my professional life. That is when I joined TEC. ”

“I found like-minded business owners who act as my board of directors. They are my sounding board; they remind me to look at the bigger picture and help remove the obstacles I believe stand in my way. I take bigger risks but make smarter decisions which helps to ensure the business is growing and is on a solid foundation. Having that coach, that biggest fan in my corner, who holds me accountable both at work and at home is invaluable.”


“TEC plays a huge role in how I remain present and engaged both at work and at home,” said Michael, “I have had exposure to experts that would not have otherwise been accessible to me. The support, the guidance and the resources cannot be replaced.”

“I am building my tool kit of skills – I always aim to be 10 steps ahead and look at everything from 10,000 feet up. I have clearly identified my 10 second elevator pitch, I exercise critical thinking more often and I take action. Most importantly I think that TEC has provided a clarity of who I want to be both professionally and personally. It has made me aware of the signs of burnout and above all has taught me to celebrate each and every success, no matter how small.”

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