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Unleashing Your Leadership Potential:

Part Three – Atomic Habits

April 6 at 10 am-11 am MT

Ready to unleash your leadership potential? This concluding webinar in our Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: A Three-Part Series will equip you with essential competencies for success.

Are you tired of focusing on goals and wondering why you do not see results? It’s time to shift your focus to the systems that guarantee success. Based on the groundbreaking book by James Clear, this comprehensive guide will teach you how to change your habits and improve by 1% every day. Debbie Pearmain will delve into the science behind behaviour change and show you how to create effective systems that lead to long-lasting success.

By attending Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: Part Three – Atomic Habits with Debbie Pearmain, you will become equipped with deeper insights surrounding:

  • Science of behaviour change
  • What habits are the compound interest of improvement
  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Create good habits
  • Environment
  • Accountability
  • Tips to increase the success

Participating in this concluding webinar is a unique opportunity to engage in real-time Q&A and receive personalized insights from Debbie Pearmain, an HR and leadership expert with 25+ years of experience working with CEOs and leadership teams across 200+ companies. Don’t miss this chance to learn from a seasoned professional in the industry.

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