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Marianne Zakhour

Marianne Zakhour, Co-founder of OrderBot | TEC Canada Member in Vancouver, BC

Marianne Zakhour’s Strategies Featured in the Up Arrow Podcast With William Harris

Marianne Zakhour has led OrderBot to double its yearly sales in seven years. With over 25 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and e-commerce systems and process efficiencies, Marianne develops solutions to complex customer problems and builds teams to increase productivity and growth.

In the latest Up Arrow Podcast episode, William Harris sat down with Marianne Zakhour to discuss developing reliable order management systems. Marianne shares how she increases companies’ order management accuracy from 80-99.98%, the consequences of poor order management, and how to collaborate with 3PL businesses.

Check out the episode below!

ESI Technologies Ranked #1 Among The 300 largest SMEs in Quebec 2023

ESI Technologies has been ranked #1 among the 300 largest SMEs in Quebec in 2023 by Les Affaires!

ESI’s mission is clear: they manage, protect and transform information. Since early on, ESI has invested in know-how. A team with deep multi-functional expertise in data storage, information management, security, network architecture, virtualization, systems management, business process re-engineering, advanced analytics and software development. This has led to a market-recognized leadership in advanced, transformational architecture.

Learn more about ESI’s latest accolade here.

Greg Rokos has been President and CEO of ESI Technologies for the past 25 years

Greg Rokos, President and CEO of ESI Technologies | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

President and CEO at Argus

Dwayne Sample, President and CEO at Argus | TEC Canada Member in Edmonton, AB

Dwayne Sample is Among Edmonton’s Exceptional Business Leaders

Congratulations to Dwayne Sample of Argus who was chosen this year as one of the top 20 leaders in Edmonton by Business in Edmonton Magazine! We are proud to applaud Dwayne on this recognition, all celebrate all of the nominees who contribute to Edmonton’s thriving business community. It is their united focus on their city, teams and communities that continue to make Edmonton a vibrant and growing place.

To read more on the 2023 Business in Edmonton Leaders click here.

Standard Products Inc. Listed Among the 300 Most Important SMEs in Quebec!

Every year, the magazine Les Affaires lists the 300 most important Quebec SMEs based on the declared number of full-time employees in Quebec for each company, and Stanpro is ranked at #80—an incredible feat!

Stanpro is one of the largest Canadian lighting companies and continuously aspires to offer innovative lighting solutions to the North American market. Its President, Rob Nadler has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. In 2006, Rob joined the Stanpro executive team when he was named executive vice president. Since then, he has used his strategic vision to help the company achieve its goals by seeking out new opportunities.

Learn more about Standpro’s latest accolade here.

Rob Nadler, President of Standard Products Inc. (Standpro) | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

Stephane Rivard
 2nd degree connection2nd
CEO @ HiringBranch and TEC Canada member in Montreal, QC

Stéphane Rivard, CEO at HiringBranch | TEC Canada Member in Montreal, QC

HiringBranch Featured in Fortune Magazine

Stéphane Rivard is the CEO at HiringBranch—and he’s on a global mission to improve employee performance using skills-based hiring assessments and training.

Inspired by big data and AI, Stéphaneleads a team of AI researchers and behavioralists. In partnership with valued customers, they have proven that hiring for skills reduces attrition and improves business outcomes.

Here is an excerpt from their recent article in Fortune, titled Recruiters are using this AI platform to reduce interview times and evaluate job candidates based on skills:

“The old-school job interview process can be a headache for recruiting teams and feel even more arduous for roles with naturally high turnover, such as call center agents or retail workers.

What if a tool could make that headache go away? Enter HiringBranch, a Canada-based software company providing an AI-based talent screening assessment platform for call centers. The company has worked with large employers, including IT company Infosys and Bell Canada.

HiringBranch evaluates whether job candidates have the key skills needed to successfully complete the job to which they’ve applied. For example, someone vying for a customer success representative role would sit through a mock customer complaint call, and the AI would assess how well the candidate is able to resolve the issue.”

Read the full article on Fortune


Andrea Gomez Selected for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ North America Class of 2023

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program annually identifies a select group of high-potential founders who have built profitable companies and provides them with the connections and vast resources needed to think bigger and sustainably scale their companies to their full potential. Andrea Gomez is among the Class of 2023 and was officially recognized at EY’s Strategic Growth Forum®, one of the nation’s most prestigious events for ambitious, high-growth, market-leading business leaders!

We are proud to celebrate Andrea Gomez and applaud her on being welcomed to the newest class of the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women North America program, who are not only incredible leaders in their organizations but also in their communities.

Learn more about Andrea’s latest accolade here.

Andrea Gomez – Quebec City, Canada
OMY Laboratories stands as the pioneering Canadian lab, introducing personalized dermocosmetics. SkinIA, their AI software co-developed with dermatologists, AI experts and chemists, revolutionizes skin analysis. Through a photo and brief queries, OMY Laboratories pinpoints clients' exact needs, tailoring products to their preferences and skin issues. With over 8,000 eco-friendly, vegan cream and serum formulas, all crafted in Quebec, they redefine skincare.

Andrea Gomez, Co-founder & CEO of Omy Lab | TEC Canada Member in Quebec, QC

Jason Hrywkiw, R.H. Electric Ltd. and TEC Canada member

Jason Hrywkiw, General Manager of R.H. Electric Ltd. | TEC Canada Member in Regina, SK

R.H. Electric Ltd Celebrates 40 Years of Business Success

For forty years, R.H. Electric Ltd. has exemplified excellence, commitment, and innovation in the electrical industry. Their dedication to delivering top-tier services while upholding the highest safety standards has established them as a trusted name in the field.

Under the leadership of the Hrywkiw family, R.H. Electric Ltd. has not only thrived as a business but has also been an active contributor to the local community. Their enduring legacy of quality service and community engagement continues to define their success story!

Learn more about R.H. Electric Ltd. here.

Secure-Rite Named Mid-Size Business of the Year

We’re excited to share that Secure-Rite has been named the ‘Mid-Size Business of the Year’ at the 2023 Kelowna Chamber Business Excellence Awards!

This achievement is a testament to the hard work of Lucas Griffin, and the incredible Secure-Rite team. This year marked the 36th year of the Business Excellence Awards, and we extend our congratulations to all nominees, finalists, and winners.

Learn more about Secure-Rite’s latest award here.

Lucas Griffin
 2nd degree connection2nd
President of Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.

Lucas Griffin, President of Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc. | TEC Canada Member in Kelowna, BC

Moatassem Moatez
 2nd degree connection2nd
Founder & CEO MYcourier Inc. | Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker

Moatassem Moatez, Founder & CEO MYcourier Inc.| TEC Canada Member in Toronto, ON

Moatassem Moatez Shares an Inspirational Glimpse Into His Story

Moatassem Moatez, in a recent LinkedIn post, shared an inspiring glimpse into his entrepreneurial journey—moving to Canada five years ago, launching a business in 2020, and now overseeing a team of 125 in just a few years.

“”Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. In my experience, it can be lonely, scary, and unpredictable at times, with no textbook to give you all of the answers. My hope is that by me sharing my story, the learning experiences I’ve encountered and insights I’ve gained, that it inspires and encourages you to take that next step in your entrepreneurship journey, giving you the confidence that you CAN achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to, just one step at a time” – Moatassem Moatez, Founder & CEO MYcourier Inc. | Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | TEC Canada Member in Toronto, ON

Watch below or click here to learn more!

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