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The Promise and Perils of AI in Talent Management

Welcome to our on-demand webinar titled “The Promise and Perils of AI in Talent Management,” where Dwight Mihalicz delves into the impact of AI on hiring and workforce management.

The advent of AI has led organizations to consider it as a potential candidate for entry-level work. While AI cannot replace professional-level work, it can support it. In this on-demand webinar, we explore how organizations can leverage AI to augment their workforce and optimize talent management processes.

Dwight also discusses the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI. It’s crucial to consider the appropriateness of AI in the hiring process and its potential impact on headcount. Dwight offers guidance for Canadian business leaders on how to navigate this issue.

This on-demand webinar offers you the opportunity to gain personalized insights from Dwight Mihalicz, International Speaker, Author, and Management Consultant. You can watch the webinar at your convenience and benefit from Dwight’s expertise in AI and talent management.

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