Mindset, Language & Patterns: The Keys to Successful Habits and True Change

Embark on a transformative journey with Mike Lindstrom, J.D. as he delves into the foundational elements that catalyze growth: Mindset, Language, and Patterns. This insightful exploration is designed to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to foster personal and professional development.

I. Mindset: Understanding “The Success Equation”: Unravel the intricate relationship between life experiences and the formation of beliefs. Discover how empowering beliefs shape your behaviour, dictate how you present yourself to the world, and ultimately, influence the results you achieve.

    • Life Experience
    • Belief Formation and Empowering Beliefs
    • Behaviour (How You Show Up)
    • Result(s)

II. Language

  • Becoming Conscious of Language Patterns: Learn to recognize key language patterns and predicates that have a profound impact on communication and culture. Uncover the power of language in shaping perceptions and realities.
  • Mastering Communication Techniques: Enhance your communication skills with techniques designed to set clear expectations. Discover the effectiveness of feedback loops in maintaining open and constructive dialogues.
    • Identifying Key Language and Predicates
    • Communication Techniques to Foster Clear Expectations
    • Feedback Loops

III. Patterns

  • Waking Up to Everyday Patterns: Gain insights into recognizing and understanding everyday patterns and behaviours, both in the workplace and in life. Become aware of how these patterns influence your daily interactions and outcomes.
  • Pattern Recognition and Impact on Results: Learn how to identify patterns that may be holding you back and discover strategies to adjust them to positively impact your results.

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Mike is an author, professional speaker, and performance coach.

Mike graduated from the University of California, San Diego (U.C.S.D.) and subsequently earned his law degree from California Western School of Law in San Diego. He immediately became a Corporate Consultant for International Author and Speaker Anthony “Tony” Robbins.

Under the tutelage of Robbins, Mike consulted and worked as an Executive Coach for Fortune 500 Companies across North America.  As the leader of the Robbins Coaching Program, Mike oversaw the growth of the client base swell to over 5,000 professionals with a strong emphasis on sales and leadership.  Trained by Robbins in the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and DISC Behavior as it pertains to influence, communication, and sales, Mike has trained sales teams from some of the top companies like MetLife, RE/MAX International, Northwestern Mutual, Gallagher, HUB International, and Freedom Financial.

Over his 24-year career, he has delivered over 3,000 corporate speaking and training events as a keynote speaker, corporate consultant, and virtual trainer.  Mike’s work with individuals, like executives, leaders, sales professionals, celebrities, professional athletes, and even parents, emphasizes communication and creating a powerful image and brand.  Mike is also a Certified Vistage Speaker/Trainer and has focused on training leaders on how to become more effective in communication in the “Pandemic Era.”

He most recently published his second book titled, What’s Your Story: Discover the Man Behind Your Dad.   Mike has been featured on NBC News, Fox News, VH1, Inside Edition, the Howard Stern Show, and many other radio and print publications.  Mike lives in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife, Monica, and their two boys, Rhett (13) and Colt (11).

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Mike is an author, professional speaker, and performance coach.

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