Chair Profile: Lorna Johnston

TEC Canada Chair Lorna Johnston

Lorna Johnston

TEC Canada CEO Chair
Calgary, AB

« Success takes a whole community of stakeholders working together toward a common vision. What doesn’t get talked out, gets acted out destructively and can cause financial, emotional and relational bankruptcy. »

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When Lorna Johnston leads, transformation follows. Lorna is among a handful of consultants and change agents in the world trained in organizational and clinical applications of Transactional Analysis (TA). Her unique skillset is integrating business acumen with the skillful application of models of change, group dynamics and human behavior. For over 25 years, Lorna has worked with business leaders to integrate their cognitive, emotional and relational intelligence to drive the business forward.

Lorna’s business career began at Shell. In several management positions, she led transformations in compensation, performance systems and change initiatives. Her discovery of Transactional Analysis inspired her to leave her successful career to launch The Change Institute. While living in Canada and Europe, she has consulted, coached and trained clients in Ireland, Switzerland, UK, Russia, The Netherlands, Jamaica, Canada and Peru. Her consulting helped companies shift corporate culture, rationalize production costs, expedited successful mergers and provided the kind of transformational coaching that “unblocks” business leaders.

As a TEC Canada CEO Chair, Lorna brings her extensive training and deep knowledge of people and groups to help her clients and TEC members harness their emotional and creative intelligence to drive the bottom line.

TEC Group Vision

“Great work requires great daring. We provide the safety and security to “dare greatly” as Theodore Roosevelt said, and have maximum impact.”


  • Lorna lives in Calgary with her husband and enjoys the company of friends and her family of children, step-children and grandchildren
  • Hiking, biking and dining enthusiast
  • MBA, University of Alberta
  • Passionate about growth and development for businesses and people

TEC Canada is a member-based peer advisory organization of over 1,400 chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners from across Canada. For over 30 years, TEC has been helping leaders achieve success through the power of confidential group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching, business thought leadership and a global network of over 22,000 business leaders.

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