TEC Canada Chair Lorna Johnston

Lorna Johnston

TEC Canada CEO Chair
Calgary, AB

“Businesses don’t succeed, people do. Imagine your confidence and leadership success with a coach and a group of peers who help you look inside for answers… and even let you stand on their shoulders to see further, discover options, help you focus and have fun along the way.”

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For over two decades, Lorna has integrated the psychology of Transactional Analysis with her business acumen to facilitate executives to achieve greater success in their business and leadership roles while garnering more satisfaction in their personal lives.

Lorna founded The Change Institute in Europe after leading human resources functions with Shell. Recognizing that outstanding business success requires human transformations among the leadership, her mission became to help leaders and their teams understand human motivations and behavior – beginning with themselves.

Many high-performing executives struggle with emotional challenges, such as anxiety, unworthiness and perfectionism that prevent them from achieving their potential. Lorna’s clients learn how to harness their personal powers and transform these internal challenges into confidence and clarity. Her clients have far exceeded their financial goals: more importantly, they have become exceptional leaders who are brilliant thinkers and communicators, who potently influence others to harness their innate human talent so necessary for the success of their companies, organizations and the world.

As a TEC Canada Chair, Lorna facilitates a CEO peer advisory group who are learning together what it means to embody the very essence of what high performance requires – trusting, connecting, caring and daring. As they learn the art and science of how to make their highest contribution to each of their peers, they learn how to make their highest contributions as leaders of their own teams.

TEC Group Vision

You will be attracted to my group if you think people really are the key to your success and are willing to do the hard work of learning to understand yourself and others to harness all that human potential. People sometimes need help to get out of their own way so their brilliance can shine through and make good things happen.


  • MBA from U of Alberta and three Transactional Analysis masters level certifications recognized worldwide in organizational and personal applications for change.
  • Lived in Ireland and travelled many years to work with clients in Europe.
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon, twice. Married with two adult daughters and three adult step children.

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