July 23, 2020: 10:00 AM – 11: 00 AM MDT


What the Duck, Agriculture! – Neil Smith

  • Leadership significance in agriculture – food security is not just a designation
  • Understand the impact of Precision agriculture
  • Indoor vs. Conventional Farming

About the Neil Smith

Neil brings a rich tapestry of experiences from having lived, worked, and studied abroad, all of which benefit him in his roles developing go-to-market strategies and successful venture capital investment endeavors that result in significant market share wins.

Neil firmly believes that human capital is the key to success in any enterprise. After more than a decade working in senior roles and advisory positions for several Fortune 100 companies, Neil founded the Agriculture Advisory Group. Neil is quick to recognize the needs of businesses and is able to connect those needs to the expertise of the teams he works with.

Neil is also a recognized business coach with a commitment to his own personal and professional development. Neil believes that the best facilitators, coaches and advisors are servant leaders, and so he approaches his work with a gentle manner and vibrant curiosity.

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