About Andrea

Andrea Gomez has overcome loss and dramatic change to become one of Canada’s most influential female entrepreneurs. From moving to a new country without knowing the language, to managing the multi-million-dollar company Omy Laboratoires while being a mother, Andrea still has time to guide and inspire the next generation of young female entrepreneurs. Becoming a TEC Canada member, where she surrounds herself with like-minded leaders in a unique peer group model led by an experienced mentor (a TEC Chair), has been substantial in her success.

Andrea and TEC

Born in Columbia, Andrea moved to Quebec when she was 17 years old. Without any prior knowledge of French, she taught herself the language while finishing secondary school. She then received a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA from Université Laval, all in French. (Meanwhile, she describes this to me in perfect English).

She discovered TEC Canada while taking her MBA, hearing from a friend that all the top-tier students were in the TEC MBA program at Laval. Intrigued and inspired, she decided to leverage this knowledge and become a member. She loved being around entrepreneurs and states, “TEC helps me connect with people who are living the same challenge. And I think that’s important, particularly for women [in this space].”

Coaching Through Loss

Andrea is no stranger to setbacks. In 2017 she and her business partner had to let go of their first company, losing their initial investment of $30,000. Despite being devastated, her mentor and TEC Chair André Turcotte, encouraged her to consider the loss an educational investment; it was a great lesson in building a business and she realized she now had the skills and knowledge to go after her next endeavor. It only took them a week before deciding to embark on a new venture.

Leveraging TEC

After a year of research and development, they were able to raise enough money to launch Omy Laboratoires. In 2019, their first commercial year, they did $500,000 in direct-to-consumer sales and innovative methods such as pop-up shops, where they made their personalized skin-care products on-site, in front of their customers. Since then, they have been continuing to thrive and are now expanding into the US market with the help of her TEC team, “I think the network is very powerful, because when you need something you have someone who did it before, by your side, who can help you not reproduce the same errors they may have made.”

When their team was having trouble receiving a shipment from the United States, due to not having an American address, a fellow member in her TEC CEO group, with an American business, helped her receive her ingredients with minimal delay. Other examples of how she has leveraged her TEC peer group include: hiring a CFO upon the recommendation of one of her TEC group members, developing strategies to collect and assess KPIs for different departments, and creating a vision for her company’s future.

Creating a Vision

After one particularly tough year, Andrea met with her Chair, André, and told him how she was near burnout from keeping up with day-to-day business operations. He supported her in locating areas where she was wasting time and where she could afford to delegate. Now, with more time and energy, she can focus on big-picture strategies for her business, which André also helps her navigate. “It helps me a lot just to have those types of conversations. I cannot have that conversation with my employees or with my mom or with my husband. It’s tough to find people who really understand and that’s just so nice.”

On the horizon, Andrea is excited to announce that OMY has secured 11 million dollars to expand its business into the United States and is strengthening its team to facilitate this growth.

Andrea’s Accolades

Among Andrea’s numerous accolades, notable ones include: being a member of EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women North American Class of 2023; a Finalist in Veuve Clicquot’s 2023 Bold Woman Awards; and a recipient of the 2022 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Start-Up Award, along with her partner Rachelle Séguin, where they advise aspiring female entrepreneurs. They also support organizations such as YWCA Quebec and Egale Canada.

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