COVID-19 Resources

To help ease the strain COVID-19 is placing on Canadian Businesses,  TEC Canada has compiled insights from global experts to support business leaders as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented.  If you would like to receive similar information more regularly, please click here.

Stories of Humanity

TEC Canada is collaborating with Media One Group and Stories of Humanity on a unique and inspiring opportunity to help tell the stories emerging from the COVID19 pandemic. Stories of Humanity is a video series documenting the unique ways people, businesses, and communities are reacting and helping one another during these challenging times.

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COVID-19 Webinars

During this remarkably challenging time for Canadian business, TEC is providing insights typically reserved for our members only, in an effort to help all businesses across Canada emerge stronger.  Our daily TEC Canada webinars host world-renowned speakers and thought leaders that provide actionable solutions for business leaders today.  View our past recorded webinars below and check out upcoming webinars and register to attend here.

Managing Stress During Challenging Times: A Science-Based Perspective – Dr. Alok Kalia

Dr. Alok Kalia, a physician-scientist, has combined his intimate knowledge of medicine, biology, and physiology with his personal experience to produce his "Managing Stress During Challenging Times: A Science-Based Perspective" webinar.

Managing Remotely in a Crisis – Barry Deutsch

Nationally recognized IMPACT Speaker of the Year by Vistage International and named as the #1 Recruiter by HR Examiner in their 2011 publication of the Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting – Barry Deutsch guides participants through effective collaboration tools and the true value of achieving employee engagement. If your team has recently pivoted to remote work, Deutsch’s insights will be invaluable for your team.

Accessing Grant Funding to Help Your Business Sustain and Grow Through COVID-19 – Michael Janke & Gibson Ingram

Complete with information about Fairtax’s GrantMatch™ software, which has been developed to help organizations design and manage a proactive funding strategy, this webinar details Canada’s COVID-19 Response Plan, and instructs business leaders on how to strategically navigate liquidy measures, the available support for employers and manufacturers, and employee welfare measures.

Getting Back to Work: Re-entering the Workplace & Navigating Rent Relief – David Bowden

Complete with practical steps to prepare your workplace for re-entry – including PPE concerns and communication strategies – Bowden’s webinar depicts how to strategically communicate with your landlord during this time if you require rent relief, and provides a holistic outlook to re-entering the workplace.

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Pack4U, Catalyst Healthcare and Northwest Telepharmacy Announce Joint Strategy in Response to the Public Inquiry into Long-Term Care

September 20th, 2019|

Unleashing the capacity of Ontario Pharmacists to meet the needs of vulnerable patients in Long-Term Care and In-Home through high quality connected care initiatives and expansion of clinical programs

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Member Stories

Going Global: Using the Collective Intelligence of a Group to Expand Internationally

“It is lonely at the top and to be able to talk about my issues knowing they will be kept in confidence and that diverse input will be received is very valuable. I have presented major challenges to the group for their comments and those have helped me get a clear picture of what I wanted to do, even if it was not what they would do.”

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The Leadership Standard Podcast

The Leadership Standard – S01E07 – JasonTasse, COO – Lee Valley Tools Ltd.

There are two parts to every company: the mechanics and the soul. How does a leader achieve both in a  time of retail disruption? Jason’s comprehensive discussion with Gair Maxwell provides an inspiring look at the mindset of a leader who was tasked with guiding the future of one Canada’s most iconic catalog companies.

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