“The human spirit is remarkable. When life tests us, we can rise to the challenge in the most unexpected, beautiful and selfless ways. These are real stories worth telling. Stories we want to find and tell.”- Stories of Humanity

TEC Canada is collaborating with Media One Group and Stories of Humanity on a unique and inspiring opportunity to help tell the stories emerging from the COVID19 pandemic. Stories of Humanity is a video series documenting the unique ways people, businesses, and communities are reacting and helping one another during these challenging times.

Media One – a long-standing TEC member and partner in our video productions – is producing these inspiring stories to feature the untold stories of people and businesses who are doing remarkable things across Canada. Whether it’s pivoting, striving to help others, or putting the community over their personal gain – we are excited to help discover timely stories that haven’t made it to the mainstream news yet.

If you or one of your TEC group members are doing remarkable things during this time,  please share the story with soh@mediaonecreative.com to be featured.

If you’re not a TEC member, we encourage you to nominate people of businesses here and share #StoriesOfHumanity across social media to help spread the positivity.

With your help, we look forward to telling the stories that deserve to be told.

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