TEC member Shane Bishop is CEO of Catalyst Healthcare Ltd.

Supported by Catalyst’s medication adherence ecosystem and Pack4U Ontario’s fully automated central fill, United Pharma Group pharmacies are first in the province to offer the spencer in-home medication dispenser for at-home adherence and engagement.

No more pill boxes marked M-T-W-T-F-S-S or alarm clock reminders. The spencer in-home medication dispenser, which is small enough to sit on a kitchen countertop, signals when it’s time to take medications and then dispenses exactly what is needed. Beyond simply dispensing pills or sending alerts, spencer connects the patient, caregiver, physician, and pharmacist to ensure everyone stays informed and works together. Clinicians can ask patients about side effects to potentially risky medications, then monitor and intervene if necessary, working with physicians to make adjustments that improve therapeutic outcomes, enhance quality of life, and avoid hazardous situations. And caregivers no longer have to worry about medication administration—an app lets them check in on their loved ones to see if pills were dispensed on time, dispensed late, or missed altogether.

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