Aercoustics Engineering Ltd., a leader in acoustics, noise and vibration, is pleased to unveil The Bridge, a state-of-the art room which provides owners, architects, engineers and contractors the ability to experience their spaces before they break ground.

Before The Bridge, the Aercoustics team would simulate acoustical designs by creating digital files and playing them back over headphones or incurring costs to rent rooms and equipment for a simulation.

“No matter how you set up the room, it is very difficult give clients an accurate simulation—especially if you’re trying to simulate environments that are significantly quieter than the room itself,” said Steve Titus, President and CEO of Aercoustics. “We decided we needed The Bridge so every project, big or small, could benefit from simulation and get a more accurate idea of how a space will sound before construction begins.”

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TEC member Steve Titus is President of Aerocoustics Engineering Ltd.

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