TEC member Rohit Joshi is CEO of Brightsquid

Calgary-based Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. has won the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award to Recognize Mobility Health (M-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada’s Health Care Sector.

This national award is presented to a Canadian organization for the development of a world-class Digital Health Care product. Selection for the award confirms Brightsquid as a leader in the advancement of digital health technology and highlights the company’s contribution to Canada’s reputation for healthcare innovation and excellence.

Brightsquid’s confidential messaging and file sharing service, Secure-Mail, helps healthcare teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively, and allows patients to participate actively in their own care. Communication through Brightsquid improves access to care by streamlining administrative activities, reducing phone traffic and time on hold, and replacing in-office appointments with confidential email conversations.

“We’ve increased our capacity to address patient concerns by 18% using Brightsquid,” explained Shauna Wilkinson, Executive Director at Crowfoot Village Family Practice. Ms. Wilkinson also noted that patients prefer using Secure-Mail over phone or an office visit in three out of six standard interactions.


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