CALGARY, ALBERTA – September 18, 2019 – Bow Valley College is pleased to announce its partnership with TerraHub Technologies to launch the very first mobile digital credential wallet, powered by private blockchain and artificial intelligence. TerraHub’s primary product, Sync, is a universal platform for improving vendor compliance and certification, accounting audit and human decision making. As most enterprises already have core systems that process key business information, Sync is simply a “last mile” product that intelligently connects those systems and their users, using blockchain and artificial intelligence.

“We are excited to have Bow Valley College join our network. We consider Bow Valley College to be an industry leader when it comes to understanding the impact of emerging technologies and the relationship to the student body. TerraHub is proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Bow Valley College in this initiative” said TerraHub CRO and Co-Founder John Dugdale.

The two organizations have been closely collaborating on this program targeted at enabling Bow Valley College graduates to carry validated credentials anywhere and anytime. “We recognize the value that having a blockchain enabled credentialing system will have for our students and our partners. We have committed to working with TerraHub to implement the Credential Wallet and helping TerraHub build a blockchain community for individuals and organizations interested in the transformative power of this technology. We are entering an era where we need simple, convenient and secure ways to share our qualifications and credentials, in a global setting. Our students come from across the globe and work across the globe. Digital credentials, accessed through blockchain, make it easy to both show and validate in-demand skills, knowledge and competencies. This is crucial in an economy where talent needs to be quickly matched to emerging business needs” said Laura Jo Gunter, President Bow Valley College.

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TEC speaker Dan Giurescu is President and CEO of TerraHub Technologies


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