TEC Canada congratulates the recipients of the 2020 TEC Canada Impact and Top Vistage Speaker Awards.

2020 was the year that changed everything. As TEC speakers went from delivering their ideas on a prominent stage with all the decision-makers in one room, to infusing TEC group meetings with expert-thought leadership over Zoom – they relentlessly worked to continue contributing to the learning of Canada’s top-level leaders.

In light of all the pivoting, passion, and perseverance that TEC speakers demonstrated during the past year, we simply couldn’t keep the traditional award format of only one speaker from Vistage and one from our Canadian directory. It is our pleasure to announce the following winners:

The 2020 TEC Top Vistage Speaker

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky (Leadership/Business Operations/Personal Development)

“I am honored and humbled by this award. Thank you! I speak for TEC Canada because of the culture of the community. TEC Canada is an organization that values community, not only through its words but through its deeds.  Every member of the TEC Canada sees the community as an ecosystem. One where we (Chairs, members, and speakers) are all vital to supporting each other’s success.”Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky


2020 TEC Canada Impact Award Winners 

 LinkedIn Mark Gasparotto - President - The Gasparotto Group

Mark Gasparotto (Leadership)

“Speaking for TEC has raised the level of my own Inner Game by forcing me to question my own biases for learning and making me a better listener. I am much more aware of the challenges facing business owners which helps me as an entrepreneur. Lastly, by way of rehearsing and presenting to each new group and testing new content, my skills as a speaker/workshop presenter have markedly improved.” – Mark Gasparotto

Entrepreneur, keynote speaker and Certified EOS Implementer®, Renee Russo

Renee Russo -Business Operations

I love spending quality time with TEC members because they come open and ready to absorb information.  Whatsmore, they take the time following the workshop to build the tools into their action plans. I find this deeply rewarding and satisfying to know that the materials delivered will turn into action items and be implemented in the companies that the members lead.  I love working with TEC Chairs to plan their workshops and get to know each of the local groups. Every Chair has made me feel warmly welcomed and appreciated. They keep me coming back for more! – Renee Russo

James Kondopulos

James Kondopulos– Talent Management

“While I have had many positive experiences with TEC members and chairs, there is one individual in particular who stands out for me.  Chair Janet Davie is the reason I am involved with TEC and speak so frequently for the organization.  Janet is a class act in every sense.  She is inspirational, energetic and passionate in what she does but, above all, is an invaluable sounding board.  Thank you, Janet, for welcoming me into the world of TEC, introducing me to your contacts and being a good friend.” James Kondopulos

Chair Profile: Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt– Customer Engagement

“As a TEC speaker, one of my favourite memories is a member who shared with me (years later) that my presentation was one of the most impactful he had seen in his 16 years as a TEC member.  He and his Chair took my message to heart and implemented a number of changes that lead to a huge increase in profitability and enabled that owner to reduce his hours and enjoy life more while making more money. It was rewarding to get that feedback!” – Paul Hunt

TEC’s professional speakers share their passion and knowledge with our executive-level groups. Their expertise inspires and challenges TEC members to be the best versions of themselves. Every year, TEC recognizes the top speakers that impact our community and contribute to the learning of Canada’s top-level leaders.

TEC Canada is thrilled to recognize award-winning speakers like Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky, Paul Hunt, James Kondopulos, Renee Russo, and Mark Gasparotto, through the 2020 TEC Canada Impact and Top Vistage Speaker Awards. TEC’s exclusive access to thousands of expert speakers allows us to infuse group meetings with the most current thought leadership. We bridge the gap between theory and practice to solve real-world problems with MBA-calibre knowledge that’s actionable now. Your understanding will be at the forefront of your industry.

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