A New Style of Leadership is Emerging

The skills you need going forward are not what got you here. Increasing technological change combined with changing expectations of what a workplace should be is a reality for organizations today. Through TEC Canada’s Virtual KEY Executive Program, you will improve your leadership performance and develop the innovative skills necessary to overcome both personal and business limitations. Designed with the specific needs and challenges of senior executives in mind, this program will give you and your company a competitive edge in an increasingly global business world. With over 1,500 members across Canada, you’ll be connected with a group of 12 to 16 executives providing insights and solutions to help you grow as a leader. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you expand your knowledge and strategic capabilities.

How it Works

TEC’s Virtual KEY Executive Program is tailored to the unique needs of senior executives leading in an increasingly complex world.

» Confidential group meetings with 12-16 senior executives that meet virtually for a full day, once a month

» Thought leadership from international expert speakers that is relevant to today’s business issues

» Global network of over 23,000 members worldwide that are committed to business growth and personal development

» Monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions with a trusted coach

Get a Seat at the Table

Join over 1,500 other Canadian businesses who are members of TEC. Discover how our proven process of combining peer groups, experienced Chairs, expert speakers and a global network will
strengthen you as a leader and your company as a whole.

Interested in learning more? 

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