As a TEC Chair, Paul Martin brings commitment and dedication to advancing the goals of his members and their companies. He believes the success of Canadian business depends on recognizing areas with growth potential. As someone who’s committed to helping his members realize these growth opportunities and take their companies beyond what they initially thought possible – Paul is helping amplify awareness of the CNIB Talent Accelerator Program among Canadian business leaders. We recently spoke with Paul to learn more about this initiative and share how TEC members can get involved:

TEC Canada: What is the CNIB Talent Accelerator Program?

Paul Martin: The CNIB Talent Accelerator Program is a learning and development opportunity. Whether you’re interested in expanding your company’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility strategy, or want to learn about what individuals with sight loss can offer the business community, or are looking for an opportunity to give back and gain recognition – all will be gained from volunteering with this program.

TEC Canada: What inspired you to become involved with the CNIB Talent Accelerator Program?

Paul Martin: I am a person who always welcomes new opportunities – and encourages others to do the same. I am also an advocate for inclusiveness.

At the end of the day, the most powerful piece of inclusion is less about quotas – and more about success. By definition, anyone who is successful is included. If you want to have an inclusive environment in your organization – you need to figure out how you can make all of your employees and stakeholders successful.

When we start talking about those who are visually impaired or blind in particular, if you make an effort to include them and help them find their way in society – supplying opportunities and a purpose goes a long way. By actively working to reduce your bias and stigmas regarding this population, you will have contributed significantly to inclusiveness as a whole in our society as a result.

TEC Canada: What can TEC members and Chairs expect by getting involved?

Paul Martin: I’ve spoken with both TEC members and Chairs who have embraced concepts of inclusiveness and the work that CNIB is doing – and they all became very passionate about it. They quickly realized how skilled, adept, and capable those who are visually impaired or blind truly are – in a multitude of industries – and were able to challenge their previous perceptions.

Without being in the shoes of someone who is visually impaired or blind, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to lose sight. It’s a terrifying thought. For both the TEC member and Chair community, pursuing a volunteer opportunity with CNIB is an excellent way to advance your facilitation skills; enhance your presentation skills with a new audience, and advance your diversity and inclusion strategy. In return, CNIB will provide you with advice and guidance for working in the sight loss community and acknowledge you as a partner. I encourage all those with a passion for inclusiveness to learn more.

CNIB is launching a Talent Accelerator Program (TAP) in January 2022. The TAP program is designed to grow CNIB’s talent pool (job seekers) to flourish in a career of their choosing. CNIB is looking to partner with TEC Members from across the country who can (1) Chair this 8-month program;  or (2) speak at an individual session.

If you are interested in the Chair role or providing your expertise as a speaker, please contact Christall Beaudry, Executive Lead, Come to Work at 306-533-3706 or by emailing