In today’s talent war, it’s more imperative than ever for a CEO to become involved in hiring the right talent for growth. Read the articles below on how the role of the CEO fits into attracting and retaining top talent.

An Agenda for the Talent-First CEO

These are the four key priorities that CEOs should focus on when leading a people-first company that finds, recruits, develops key talent, and ensures that talent is truly integral to every major strategic decision across the organization.

Three Reasons Why CEOs Should Be Involved with Hiring

“At most companies, people spend 2% of their time recruiting and 75% managing their recruiting mistakes.” Hiring and recruiting is not an easy task, no matter what the size of the company is. Oftentimes CEOs, directors and other senior management are left out of the recruiting stage, but here are three reasons CEOs should be more involved in the hiring process.
More: Luis von Ahn, CEO and founder of language learning app Duolingo, and Google’s CEO and founder Larry Page also believe in meeting every employee before they are brought on board.

CEOs Must Own Recruiting: 10 Rules for Building a Top-Notch Function

If a business needs the best intellectual capital to be successful, CEOs must lead by building a well-managed recruiting function that is closely monitored and measured. Here is a list of ten rules for CEOs to follow when building a top-notch recruiting organization.

How to Fill Your Company with Rockstar Employees

The right people, or “rockstars,” are those in roughly the top five percent of candidates for a given position at a given compensation level. Creating a culture conducive to attracting and keeping this talent takes effort. Here are four steps leaders can take to make their workplaces attractive to the best of the best.

Why You Need to Rethink Your Talent Management Strategy

How talent is deployed through organizations can slow the pace of growth, innovation and profitability for many companies. Read how businesses must rethink their talent strategy to secure the right leaders for the future.