We are living in a world where we are accessible 24/7 and communication is immediate. Always being connected makes it easy to push work into nights, weekends and through vacation days, but not taking the time to unplug and disconnect can do more harm than good.

Burnout is a common challenge for business owners and at TEC, we believe in personal and professional balance to become a more effective leader. The resources below explore how to recognize the signs of burnout, for both yourself and your team, and the steps for preventing it down the road.

What Makes Entrepreneurs Burn Out

Studies show that entrepreneurs are more at risk of burnout because they tend to be extremely passionate about work and more socially isolated, have limited safety nets and operate in high uncertainty. This article explores what factors lead to greater burnout among entrepreneurs.

These Are The Reasons Why Your Whole Team Is Burning Out

There are articles on productivity and time management, handling stress, and setting good boundaries, but this approach implicitly frames work-related burnout as a personal failure. In truth, every organization has an obligation to protect their teams from burning out on the job. Here’s a closer look at the top risk factors for collective burnout, and what it takes to mitigate them at the team level–not just the individual one.

Work Burnout is a Preventable Epidemic (Podcast)

“The biggest sign of a great leader is they protect their team’s vacation, their personal time and their personal space.” Hear HR experts Dawn Burke and Tim Sackett on this podcast explore the different types of burn out and how leaders need to give their team clear direction on the company’s plan and how they play a part in it.

Here’s Why ‘Workations’ Don’t Make Better Employees

Even when we are physically out of the office, our mindsets often remain in work mode. ‘Workations’ are so common that, for many, the idea of unplugging doesn’t feel normal anymore. This article explores the complexity of this issue and the toll it takes on companies.

The Burnout Gamble (Video)

Hamza Khan, award-winning marketer and entrepreneur, speaks on his experience with burn out and how he re-framed his view on his work, his success and his happiness to overcome it.