Originally published by Carpedia.com

Written by Andrew Rush, Vice-President of Carpedia and TEC Canada Speaker 

As a business leader, if you want to make the Core Values of your company drive behavior, then you must listen for them in every interaction that you have.

What I mean by that is this:  When you are having a discussion with one of your employees or you are in a meeting, you must not only listen for the information that is being exchanged, but you must also listen for whether people are expressing themselves in accordance with the core values of the company.

This is harder to do than it sounds.  You need to be listening on two different levels.

This is difficult to do as you will need to be evaluating content and context simultaneously. As an example, if Accountability is a Core Value, you should be watching for it in your employees actions. Are employees punctual? Do they send a relevant agenda prior to meetings? Are they bringing solutions to the table and not just sharing problems?

If you are not actively looking for these things as a leader, it will not be possible for you to fulfill your responsibility to the organization of ensuring the Core Values are upheld.

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