General corporate awareness of technology will no longer cut it. Companies must be informed about new technology rather than simply aware – aimlessly throwing money towards technology because it’s new or “it’s what the competitors are doing,” can lead to frustration, loss of capital and disposition in the competitive hierarchy.

Before adopting a new technology, companies’ should align their organizational purpose, work with informed stakeholders and stay current on emerging trends. With the proper systems in place, technology can be leveraged across all areas of business.

10 Critical Aspects to Consider Before Adopting a New Technology

Companies who are looking to emerge as leaders in their industry understand early adoption of technology can make them stand-out among the competition. However, technology must be evaluated to recognize its’ full capabilities and ROI. Ten members of the Forbes Technology Council express what to consider before adopting new technology.

What it Really Takes to Scale Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), complimented with resourceful leadership, can streamline numerous processes; however, several companies have yet to achieve this desirable duo. Read why companies haven’t gotten the results yet and what they need to do to leverage AI to create meaningful value.

3 Ways Digital Adoption Can Make You a Better Leader

According to an IDG poll, 89% of businesses are making digital strategies their top priority. Understand how digital adoption leads to digital transformation and positions leaders to implement innovative strategies.

The Explainer: The Truth About Blockchain

WATCH: As an emerging technology, blockchain has been regarded as the next system to revolutionize numerous industries; streamlining processes, creating jobs and executing information management. While blockchain has been around longer than many perceive, there is still unknown capabilities of this emerging technology.

What Enterprises Have to Learn About Emerging Tech, Again

Old habits die hard: As new technologies burst into the mainstream, organizations must break ingrained habits and utilize technologies that align with their business strategy. Scott Likens, a PwC tech leader, explores why companies continue to fall short on technology and what they must do to position themselves as industry leaders.