Drawing insights from the TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index Q3 and Q4 Reports, analysis from Economist Dr. Peter Andersen, and findings from Vistage Worldwide’s Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin, TEC Canada is excited to share our new Decision Factors 2020: Climb to Recovery for CEOs report.

The Decision Factors 2020: Climb to Recovery for CEOs report aims to guide CEOs through the journey to the new reality, first by reflecting on the impact of the crisis on small and midsize businesses (SMBs), and then by exploring potential routes to recovery in a volatile economic climate. When uncertainty is high, it’s harder for CEOs to make decisions. Drawing upon insights from top experts in the TEC Canada community, this report aims to provide CEOs with perspectives on four areas of business optimization – talent, customers, operations, and financials – and explores ways leaders can approach their top leadership challenges

Read Decision Factors 2020: Climb to Recovery for CEOs Here

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