The disconnect between marketing and sales has troubled organizations for years. While the two teams share a unified objective of driving revenue, they operate under different perspectives and generally have a separate set of metrics to measure success. When sales and marketing align, studies have shown that targeting leads is more accurate, advertising is more relevant and the customer journey is more consistent in quality across all touch points. The resources below explore how to integrate your marketing and sales to ensure they are hitting the same target market and driving revenue together.

When Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned, Both Suffer

Marketing and sales often set their strategies and goals separately from each other. Research on B2B sales management found that a common problem is lack of alignment around product pricing and compensation strategies. Read more on the dangers of misaligning pricing and compensation goals.

The New Attribution Challenge: Understanding How Marketing and Sales Work Together

When it comes to attribution, many businesses face a huge disconnect between their sales and marketing teams. Attribution isn’t just about getting credit — it’s also about optimizing activities based on what’s driving revenue to increase profitability. Read on how to solve this challenge by rethinking how you measure marketing and sales efforts.

A Blueprint for Aligning Sales and Marketing

Organizational alignment between sales and marketing is critical for every customer-centric organization. It’s necessary not only to drive business efficiency and productivity but also to deliver consistent and high-quality customer journeys across all touch points. Read how alignment is achieved and continuously synchronized between marketing and sales.

3 Tips for Boosting Sales and Marketing Alignment

Even when sales and marketing alignment is agreed upon as a goal, there is uncertainty about how to achieve it. Here are three tips for boosting sales and marketing alignment in your organization.

Why Sales Development is Really a Marketing Issue in B2B

Your company’s mission, vision, and product value statement are all messages that need to be locked down. This same messaging should echo in every conversation your sales teams have with their prospects and opportunities. If your brand’s message is important to your company (which it should be) here is you can align marketing with your sales development.

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