Originally published on the Vistage Research Center

“An employee is good, but an employee well aligned to the right role is so much better.” – Jay Forte

Retool your process to fine-tune employee alignment

One of the most challenging decisions for CEOs is hiring employees, mainly because they have a long-term effect on the overall health of your company. From stabilizing your workflow to preparing for that next level of growth, employee alignment is crucial to maintaining a company’s viability and efficiency.

So, when you consider hiring a new employee, Vistage Chair and speaker Jay Forte suggests that you think of… pasta. Yes, pasta. Or rather the idea that pasta comes in various shapes and sizes so that it pairs well with specific sauces. Like pasta, employees possess various skills and abilities, and evaluating candidates means figuring out who has both the right qualifications and passion necessary to drive performance and increase retention.

With an eye toward alignment, you can clearly define what qualities you’re looking for in a candidate and how to find that hire who best fits that position. From sourcing the right prospective pools to rethinking how you assess candidates during the interview process, finding the right employee for the right role is the first and most critical step in eliciting a top performance.