When making a difficult decision, imagine having your own group of industry experts devoted to your success. CEOs and business leaders have to make difficult decisions every day. With TEC and, through TEC’s proven issue processing, they are supported by 12 – 16 business leaders in their group and their Chair, an experienced executive coach, to process real business challenges during monthly meetings. The safe and confidential environment gives members the opportunity to discuss their most challenging problems. Issue processing is a structured system to explore the underlying information needed to make good decisions. Leaders will receive actionable feedback from their peers, and different perspectives they otherwise might not receive from their leadership team or board.

We asked some of our long-time Chairs from across the country to share their thoughts on Issue Processing:

Chuck Homer, CEO and KEY Executive Chair in Ontario:
“A TEC group is made up of 12-16 diverse, non-competing CEO’s and business owners, who come together in their “safe harbour” group for a full day once a month to help each other with the challenges and opportunities they are facing in their leadership and the growth of their businesses. Individual members put their specific challenge or opportunity in front of their peers, whose only agenda is to help the presenting member. The group asks questions and analyzes the issue, reconfirms the issue and then each member provides their recommendation. The presenting member then states their main takeaways and the action they are going to take. This is followed up in subsequent group meetings and in 1-1 coaching sessions with the Chair to hold the member accountable until the issue is resolved.
All members gain from Issue Processing. The presenting member is better equipped to make better decisions – a sounding board for their issues; more ideas, insight and alternatives; considered recommendations from their trusted peers; illumination of blind spots; avoidance of risks; greater confidence that their decision is the right one. The other members gain as well – learn a sound problem solving /decision making process; learn about asking great questions, many they wouldn’t have thought about themselves; learn about solutions to CEO problems they as well are facing at present or likely will in the future.”

Bob Sinclair, CEO and KEY Executive Chair in British Columbia:
“Issue processing in TEC’s view are those business or personal issues and/or opportunities which need addressing but the path is not clear, or there are any number of ways in which they can be addressed, and we need to find and recommend the best solution.
The greatest benefit that TEC members gain from our carefully planned and proven process is that fellow members who could have the same issue in the past or present, are able to share their experience and solutions taken. In TEC we have a very specific process for dealing with these issues or opportunities, leaving the member with a number of different recommendations but concrete and tried answers to the question being posed.”

Mike Mallory, CEO and KEY Executive Chair in New Brunswick:
“I tell potential members it is their opportunity to get feedback on the decisions, opportunities and challenges (DOCs) that they face from 12-16 of their peers, many of whom have “been there, done that.”
Executive sessions are learning opportunities. It’s great to learn others’ perspectives on your DOCs. I sometimes use the analogy that running a business is like flying an airplane into new territory at night with no radar. You don’t know what to expect, or what dangers may lurk ahead. TEC members, many of whom have flown that route before, can guide you through uncharted territory. But it’s an even greater learning experience to hear what others face, since problems at the CEO level, regardless of industry, tend to be similar for all.”

Todd Millar, Small Business Chair and TEC’s President & CEO in Alberta:
“We have a proven process established over 35 years ago that enables members to have a clear direction on issues, opportunities and/or challenges they are facing.
As a direct result of our issue process model, members gain clear insight in making better decisions in those topics that are complex and important.”

Tim Redpath, CEO, KEY Executive, Small Business and TEC Inside Chair in Ontario:
“Think of a conversation that you’d like to have with a group of your peers who know you, trust you and like you but have no vested interest in you or your business. Imagine the power of getting their unfiltered questions and counsel to help you make the best decision. With all of this through a facilitated process that builds a respectful, challenging environment where we can speak the truth to each other.

Members get deep questioning and hear honest feedback that they cannot get elsewhere. Members get a range of opinions from a room of successful business leaders – it’s not about consensus; it’s not about proselytizing; it’s about honesty, informed opinions, different perspectives, real experiences and being held accountable.”

Take a look at how you are currently making decisions in your personal and professional life. Perhaps you could use a system like issue processing to help you make better decisions faster?