Where can Canadian businesses look to improve? Regardless of their industry or size, organizations must understand their changing landscape and work to implement key strategies in the pursuit of success. Additionally, attracting top talent is not enough, companies must work to develop that talent and ensure all pieces are in place to execute on winning strategies. The below articles explore numerous areas of business for any leader to capitalize on.

Digital Transformation: Improving the Odds for Success

With the likelihood of surpassing expected profits only at 10%, mastering digital transformation requires organizations to carefully plan their technological initiatives. Leaders can apply select characteristics to their digital transformation plan to increase the likelihood of exceeding expected profits.

Five Ways to Find and Retain Talent

According to TEC Canada’s Q3 2019 CEO Confidence Index, 57% of small to medium sized businesses plan to expand their workforce in the coming year. Read what the numbers say and how companies plan to win top talent.

What is the Key to Sustained Business Growth in Family Businesses

Different levels of professionalization are necessary within the various stages of family business evolution. Between all levels, professionalization with purpose should guide the family business as it moves beyond the founder stage and into management from multiple generations. What stage is your family business at?

Diversity Drives Innovation, Growth and the Bottom Line

Companies in the top quartile of ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to financially outperform organizations in the bottom quartile. Chief Outsiders combines 50+ years of marketing experience reflecting how ethnically and gender-diverse companies outperform the competition.

How to Take a Personal Stake in Your Employees’ Development

If your people aren’t growing, it’s likely your company isn’t growing either. The following strategies work to enrich development, strengthen culture and ultimately boost your bottom-line.