Rational is Overrated

JUNE 19 | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT


Why Attend: This immersive “Crashup” session, a combination of a crash course and a mashup, embodies the innovation principles it teaches. It provides actionable strategies to enhance your organization’s innovation capabilities with a focus on:

  • Generating and fostering new ideas consistently under the right conditions.
  • The convergence of diverse groups, skills, and mindsets.
  • Problem-solving within set timeframes and supportive environments.

Three Key Learnings:

  1. Innovation in Strategy: Understand the role of innovation within your corporate strategy. Learn how to identify significant problems and opportunities.
  2. Creativity and Execution: Discover why traditional brainstorms fail and how to transform ideas into value through experimentation and validation.
  3. Overcoming Barriers: Identify your company’s barriers to innovation and how to foster behaviours that enable a culture of innovation.

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