Chair Profile: Tanis Taylor

Tanis Taylor

Saskatoon, SK

Tanis believes that business leaders need to “recognize and seek challenge, and to be prepared to change in order to achieve optimal results.”

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Tanis Taylor has earned a reputation for guiding business leaders through unique challenges to unprecedented success.

With 25 years of experience in financial services, Tanis is known as an expert trainer, facilitator and change management leader who inspires confidence, competence and commitment in organizations.

She has a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University and an MBA from Athabasca University. Additionally, she is MBTI (StepII) Certified, has achieved the CFP (Chartered Financial Planner) designation and has numerous certifications in leadership, management, training, and coaching sales and performance.

Tanis launched CCA Consulting to help leaders “challenge, change and achieve” in their businesses. She encourages CEOs to be adaptable, willing to seek expert advice, attuned to stakeholder needs, ready to hone their listening and critical thinking skills in order to expand and achieve their potential.

Embracing a “carefrontational” style of mentorship, Tanis values the power of collaboration which arises from involving group members in developing options and innovating. She poses thought-provoking questions and inspires stimulating conversation in a safe, confidential environment, bringing leaders to exploration of new perspectives.

As a TEC Chair, Tanis looks forward to supporting business owners’ identification and achievement of their aims.

TEC Group Vision

Tanis’s group vision is to create an environment where members share wisdom and experiences that contribute to individual and collective achievement. Values that are critical to the group’s success include humility, commitment, personal accountability and engagement in the pursuit of growth. The ability to respectfully consider others’ views and concerns, coupled with willingness to act as a peer coach and/or situational mentor will be traits sought and encouraged among members.


In her spare time, Tanis and her husband Al enjoy their cottage on Diefenbaker Lake.

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