Erik Kikuchi

TEC Small Business Chair
Kitchener and Waterloo, ON

“The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity”

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Erik is a dynamic entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, speaker and people-oriented leader that inspires those around him. Having overcome poverty and homelessness in his youth, Erik’s entrepreneurial spirit is a testament to his determination and passion to give back to those most in need. His generous, flexible leadership style is based on his belief that there are many different ways to meet core needs.

At age 23, Erik began his first venture with a design and marketing firm, which he sold seven years later for a large profit. His second venture, a localization and translation provider for the video game and entertainment industries, continues in its successful twelfth year. His third venture, a senior care technology company, recently sold. His business success has allowed him to focus on his other passion by self-funding many non-profit projects.

Erik runs his own business development consultancy helping clients with business branding strategies and developing new sales channels and markets. As a coach and keynote speaker, Erik shares his understanding of team building, innovation and personal growth, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

He brings his determination, energy, creative thinking and strategic skills to the role of TEC Canada Small Business Chair.

TEC Group Vision

Erik’s members have a burning desire not only innovatively to grow their company, but to grow personally. Equally important is holding a high value
on serving the community and helping to build success in the region.


• Erik is married to Johana and they have a daughter, Elizabeth
• Passion for cooking international cuisine
• Enjoys travelling, scuba diving, boating, golf and any activity that involves family and close friends
• Founded Culmen, a non-profit project teaching “prosperity with integrity”

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