Chair Profile: Doug Starr

Doug Starr

Toronto, ON

“If you don’t have the right business structure in place, it doesn’t matter what your product is. »

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Doug is a proven leader with a track record of guiding high-paced national and international organizations to success by developing key processes in strategic businesses, finance and human resources.

He majored in Business & Recreation Management and upon graduating, launched a recreation management company with two partners. He developed valuable skills in business, marketing and financial management, human resources and retailing through years of hands-on experience.

In 1987, Doug was recruited by Bio-Lab Canada Inc. to build and develop their new business unit in Australia. After managing its launch, he returned to Australia a decade later to stabilize, turn-around and implement a new strategic plan to successfully transform the company back into a profitable business and industry leader.

As a visionary leader, he continually evaluates the progress of his members with them to ensure they are on the right path. He believes that CEOs today need to delegate effectively, communicate clearly,be enthusiastic in nature and be accountable in order to succeed.

TEC Group Vision

“Change isn’t always progress; however, all progress requires change. The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than our competitors.”


  • Launched the first $200M Energy from Waste Project in Ontario with the Ministry of Environment
  • Certificate in Financial Accounting from the University of Toronto
  • Completed leadership, coaching and mentorship programs at the Australian Institute of Management
  • Has a wife, Lesley, and three children (Michelle, Meghan and Grant)
  • Enjoys golfing, skiing and hockey

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