Doris Orr

TEC Small Business Chair
Vancouver, BC

 “I get inspired watching their renewed sense of self translate into profound transformations, of themselves and others.”

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Doris utilizes her financial and leadership skills as a change catalyst. She is recognized for her passion for people development and her strong financial expertise having both corporate and small business experience. Throughout her life, she has inspired people — whether colleagues or clients — with her passion for igniting the potential in others.

She has many years of global experience as a senior executive with KPMG and XL Capital and has led several corporate transitions, from mergers to downsizing. Over the years, Doris has specialized in managing transitions (business changes and improvements). While living in Europe, she led a $100 million IT implementation project across 13 countries. More recently, she led a team of senior executives as the Chief Risk Officer with Vancity. Doris grew up in a family business and has also worked with many small businesses throughout her career. Today, she is a highly energetic speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Doris believes that personal mastery precedes public success. As a TEC Chair, she leverages her wealth of leadership and coaching experience with her group. Her approach is to combine “a strong back and a soft front” — a blend of toughness and kindness that challenges members to be their best.

TEC Group Vision

Doris welcomes members who bring diversity (of thought, experience, age and ethnicity) to the group on their journey to becoming their best self.


  • Lives in Vancouver with her husband, Dave, and their son, Ben, and puppy, Max
  • Shares her time and talents as a Knowledge Philanthropist for The Vantage Point
  • CPA and CA designations

TEC Canada is a member-based peer advisory organization of over 1,400 chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners from across Canada. For over 30 years, TEC has been helping leaders achieve success through the power of confidential group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching, business thought leadership and a global network of over 22,000 business leaders.

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