A healthy corporate culture is the secret ingredient to success, says Jamie Duncan, chief operating officer with Nicola Wealth Management. Duncan should know: the company she helps pilot is growing in leaps and bounds and is considered one of the fastest-growing private investment counsel firms in the country. A dedication to nurturing its culture has not only brought business success, however; it has earned the organization Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award not once but four times.

“When the firm began, ‘corporate culture’ was not a known phrase in the business realm the way it is today. That said, even back then, we always knew we had something special with our people and environment and it has been the glue that has helped our people to work together toward a common goal,” she says. “It may be hard to identify or difficult to articulate, but cultivating a great culture is the best thing an organization can do. If you get that right, it gives you a definite edge and it makes executing your strategy infinitely easier.”

Founded in 1994 by John Nicola, the company began with just seven staff and $80 million in assets under management. His vision was to create a firm of shared value, built collaboratively and where everyone could benefit in its success. Today, nearly 190 employees manage more than $6 billion in assets

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TEC member John Nicola is CEO and member Jamie Duncan is COO of Nicola Financial Group Ltd.

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