Personal issues can linger from our lives and overtake our focus in the workplace. There may be family-issues, loss of finances, fear and constant doubt all snowballing to insurmountable stress and anxiety. Employees must be aware of the issues they face to avoid problems from shifting their focus at work. When dealing with life’s burdens, a common strategy can be compartmentalization, however, for development purposes, we must face our obstacles and work through them.

As more resources have become available to tackle personal issues, the development of confidence and an open environment are needed to encourage individuals to overcome their personal barriers and succeed in the workplace.

*Tip: Reach out to your TEC group or tiger team and discuss some of the issues you’re currently working through; an in-depth conversation can lead to insights from teammates working through similar challenges.

Bring Yourself to Work Day: Why You Shouldn’t Separate Personal Life and Work Life

US Vistage Chair Michael Malone advocates for bringing the ‘whole human’ to work and ensuring ‘work-self’ and ‘personal-self’ are present. By being open and honest with your personal traits, colleagues will view you as authentic and appreciate your confidence in vulnerability.

How Failure Cultivates Resilience 

TEDx speaker, Raphael Rose discusses confronting stress head-on to conquer your challenges. The thought of failure may be daunting, however, facing life’s problems directly will develop resiliency and guide one on the pursuit of life’s meaning.

Redefining Work-Life Balance

Stop saying work-life balance, start saying work-life harmony. We have personal needs and manage internal issues, we must give time to these while living our occupational lives. However, finding joy in our work is vital to better align our emotions and stability.

Should You Let Your Boss Know When You’re Struggling With a Mental Health Issue?

It’s reported that a mental health issue will affect one in five Canadians in their lifetime. Handling these issues are difficult enough but speaking up about your struggles with a direct superior can lead to feelings of unease. Read about proactively approaching your manager regarding a mental health issue.

The Rise of Workplace Burnout And How to Tackle it

As workers strive to climb the corporate ladder, they may overwork themselves and ignore signs of workplace burnout. Read some tips on how to take a step-back, focus on your personal self and ensure you have enough energy to continually make an impact.


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