As we close out the 2010’s and businesses prepare for the holiday season, there are two areas to keep a close-eye on: cyber threats and future trends. Online shopping and heavy travel during this time has users highly susceptible to cybercrime. Additionally, the end of a decade offers an opportunity for reflection; how can your success in the 2010s be a catalyst of future improvement in the 2020s.

Who Will Harness AI More Effectively in the New Decade: Cyber criminals or Cybersecurity Professionals?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) automates mundane tasks to free up time to focus on more complex issues. However, criminals have begun to use AI in their cyber attacks to automate their crime to several thousand users. Read about their techniques and how you can leverage your AI to curb cyber attacks.

Five Security Trends to Watch in 2020

No organization or entity is safe from a cyber attack – the city of New Orleans recently declared a state of emergency after suffering a cyber threat. As criminals become craftier in the new decade, discover what to look out for so your business is prepared.

Accelerating the Impact from a Tech-Enabled Transformation

Digital transformations are a top-of-mind issue for CEOs, but few companies currently sponsor digital initiatives, and even fewer are achieving the targets they have set. Too often, conversations about how to apply technology end up focusing on specific use cases that get lost in a sea of business priorities. Read the data and findings in this McKinsey article that leaders must implement to accelerate digital transformation.

Small Business Technology Trends for 2020

Digital healthcare, a rather new initiative, is touted as a top trend for small businesses in 2020. The use of data to provide better, more efficient care is a viable option for small businesses – particularly those with contractors. Discover its definition, implementation as well as other trends to analyze in 2020.

Digital Marketing has Entered its Third Decade: What has Changed?

The best key to the future is analyzing the past. Looking back to 2009, direct mail, a once considered ‘dead’ marketing tool, is beginning to make a rise again as online markets become over-saturated. As we approach a new decade, how have your marketing efforts evolved over time?


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