In the Q1 2019 TEC Canada CEO Confidence Index, 59% of our members identified talent management as an area they plan to invest in by increasing their firms’ employment over the next 12 months. When investing in hiring new talent, how do you keep them engaged for the long-term? And does that look different than the existing, long-tenured employees? Whether it’s a new hire or longstanding employee, they need a good reason to stay. Read the articles below on how to continually engage employees who are in it for the long-run, and how retaining your more seasoned employees is an asset to growing the organization.

The Secret of Employee Engagement

At a time when jet fuel prices were high, U.S.-based company Southwest Airlines launched a project to engage their pilots to improve SWA’s profits. The pilots – not management – came up with what the company should focus on to help the company succeed. Read the three truths about employee engagement that creates a culture where everyone is working together to improve the bottom line.

How to Lose Your Best Employees

Keeping an effective, productive employee exactly where they are in the company is a great way to lose them. When people can no longer grow in their jobs, they mail it in — leading to huge gaps in productivity. Whitney Johnson, author of ‘Build an A-Team’ and ‘Disrupt Yourself,’ explains individual learning curves and what happens when your best employees reach their peak.

Tips for Leading the Late-Career Employee

Studies have shown that older employees are more engaged than their younger counterparts. Are you making the most of your experienced talent? Read how to pave the way to a smooth retirement for your most senior staff members.

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged Long Term

Knowing that engagement should be a point of focus and understanding how to improve engagement are two different steps. HR specialist Bob McCarthy, the managing director of a single-source employee engagement platform, believes companies make four common mistakes relating to engagement. Here’s how to hurdle those pitfalls.

The Value of Retaining Long-Term Employees During Radical Corporate Change

During a major corporate change, such as a merger or acquisition, retaining long-term employees is invaluable for a seamless transition. Read why you should keep the long-term employees and methods to ensure their retention.

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