Aligning your organization around a unified vision is crucial for remaining focused and competitive in the current business landscape. The resources below outline how to align your team and business in order to achieve your strategic vision.

Is Anyone in Your Company Paying Attention to Strategic Alignment

How are you making informed decisions about the arrangement of your company as a complex system of many moving and interconnected parts all aimed at fulfilling one overarching purpose? Equip yourself with better frameworks to ask the right questions, have better conversations, and make robust strategic and organizational choices.

How to Engage Employees Through Your Company Vision

When employees understand and align with the company vision statement, there is a higher chance they will stay on board and be happy to contribute. Here are three ways organizations can ensure that employees see the value in their work through a company vision that is front-and-center in the workplace.

How to Collaborate When You Don’t Have Consensus

A key aspect of strategic planning is aligning your leadership team and ensuring you are all on the same page. But, how do you move forward in situations when you have fundamental disagreements? This article highlights three “stretch” strategies that can help teams find a way to collaborate and achieve alignment despite disagreement.

9 Reasons Your Strategy Never Really Delivers as Hoped

Strategies succeed when you establish a clear, focused and compelling picture of where you are headed, how you will get there and what must change. Learn how to overcome the common pitfalls that prevent leaders from achieving their strategic vision.

Realign Your Organization to Move Forward

This article outlines seven areas in which organizations can develop alignment; consider it a checklist for your own workplace’s effectiveness.

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