Eileen Juan

TEC Small Business
Vancouver, BC

“Inspire leaders to be the best version of themselves, to create a life by design and to live their true “why” so they can help transform lives.”

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Leaders who work with Eileen Juan leave a lasting impact on the world. Throughout her experiences, Eileen’s championed the unique voice of leadership by having a clear vision, strong ethics and will of determination. In her 20 years of coaching, she has built high performing teams by developing genuine relationships with CEOs who are motivated to learn and grow as leaders in their communities.

In Eileen’s 30+ years of entrepreneurship, she has led leaders of numerous organizations by following her passion of identifying and filling a niche; she has attracted others who share her same mission of wanting to make those around her lives better. Right out of school from Switzerland, she developed a catering business generating new clients and establishing an extensive network that would springboard her to her next ventures. Eileen led the conceptualization of a boutique island resort, outperforming competitors year over year, which eventually was voted as the Best Healthy Resort by Tourism Awards. Later, she started what became the number one creative portrait studio chain in Manila, Cebu and Kuala Lumpur, expanding its operations in Asia.

In her work as CEO and Chief Happiness Officer with The Picture Company, she ensures all employees can thrive in their environment, proving that happy employees deliver results. Leaders who work with Eileen are energized to hit the ground running; her positivity is contagious. She is passionate about working with CEOs who are motivated to learn, grow and transform as leaders in their communities. Eileen is action oriented and is comfortable challenging ideas, keeping the focus on outcomes and the advancement of her team.

TEC Group Vision

As a TEC Chair, Eileen focuses on different strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence. Meetings are designed to dig deep personally and professionally in a safe, non-competing environment. With a culture of vulnerability, authenticity, and personal responsibility, as well as passion for growth and excellence, Eileen’s group will thrive in a trusted, confidential circle of brilliant leaders that will become life-long friends.


  • Never misses an adventure such as diving with sharks or jumping off a plane
  • Life-long learner who recently graduated from the Entrepreneurial Master’s program at MIT
  • In 2021, she will be a Tony Robbins Board Certified Coach
  • Volunteer with the Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Has travelled to 47 countries
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