Congratulations to all Chairs honoured at the TEC Canada Awards Night in San Diego during ChairWorld 2020.

ChairWorld is an annual conference that brings the global TEC/Vistage Chair community together to learn from world-class speakers, develop their executive coaching practice through hands-on workshops and it’s an opportunity to connect with their peers.

TEC Canada celebrates 35 years this year, and at ChairWorld we recognized some of the dedicated individuals who have made a significant impact to this organization, their members and their fellow Chairs.


5 Years

Rob Hunt

John Vincent

25 Years

Bill Bagshaw

Through 25 years of Chairing, Bill has helped his members find the courage to be open to change. His commitment to develop leaders in reaching new heights has greatly impacted his members, their organizations and their families.


Robert Nourse Award
The Robert Nourse award is the most important award a TEC Chair can receive. The recipient of this award embodies the TEC values and is dedicated to making a difference. They see the opportunity to help people change their lives as a reward in itself.

Joe Gillivan

DELTA Coach Award
This award celebrates a Chair who has given his time to mentor, coach and lend his own experiences to see the success of his peers. Recipients of this award, go above and beyond in guiding new Chairs to launch, ensuring they have the resources and support to make an impact on the lives of their members.

John Vincent

Rookie of the Year
This award goes to an ambitious new Chair, who has a deep familiarity with TEC. Their success is a true testament of the passion and dedication that they bring to their Chair practice and to their members.

Greg Lingelbach

Red Shoe Award
This award was started in 2011 as a way to recognize and celebrate the work and passion of a Chair that goes above and beyond for their members, fellow Chairs and the TEC community. The recipient is a Chair who steps outside the box, is bold, innovative, creative and pushes the boundaries while also maintaining TEC brand integrity.

Janet Davie

TEC Group Launch Award

Louis-Samuel Jacques                                 Andrew Reif

Brian Brennan                                                Pascal St-Jean

Tim Redpath                                                   Janet Davie

Regional Award

DELTA Group 5

Chair Excellence Awards

Chris Hardwick                                             David Woodley

Tim Redpath                                                  Joe Gillivan

David Rubin                                                   Chuck Homer

Stuart Watson                                                Rob Hunt

Greg Bird                                                         Lindsay McMurray

Lorna Johnston                                              Pascal St-Jean

Andrew Reif                                                   John Vincent

Mark Terrill                                                    Rob Van Wely

Ian Bell                                                            Bruce Harbinson

Brian Brennan                                              Carlos Fox

Peter Buchanan

Master Chair Awards

Stuart Watson                                               John Vincent

Lorna Johnston                                             Bruce Harbinson

Ian Bell                                                            David Woodley

Peter Buchanan                                            Lindsay McMurray

Carlos Fox                                                      Rob Hunt

David Rubin                                                  Rob Van Wely







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