TEC member Kevin Yuers is Vice-President of Kryton International Inc.

Vancouver-based Kryton International Inc. has acquired Calgary-based Cementec Industries Inc., a manufacturer of concrete additive solutions for the construction, oil and gas industries.

Kryton specializes in crystalline concrete waterproofing and this acquisition will complement the company’s existing lineup of Smart Concrete waterproofing solutions.

Hard-Cem, the integral concrete hardening admixture developed by Cementec, provides concrete with resistance to abrasion and erosion. With this admixture, concrete floors and infrastructure last up to six times longer than untreated concrete. As a result, costly repairs and the inconvenience of shutdowns can be avoided.

“The breakthrough concrete solutions developed by Cementec are technically superior and innovative. Not only do they increase infrastructure’s service life and eliminate exposure to harmful dust, Hard-Cem removes quality control issues and provides increased design flexibility. This will bring greater value to our customers,” says Kari Yuers, CEO of Kryton…

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