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Prime Minister Announces Extended Emergency Wage Subsidy 

As provincial governments continue to announce plans for restarting the economy, the federal government has announced that the emergency wage subsidy program is being extended beyond June to encourage aid businesses in rehiring employees.

As the unemployment rate soared to 13.0 percent in April, per Statistics Canada, the government is employing the emergency wage subsidy program to help business owners continue to rebuild after COVID-19. As previously announced, the subsidy is on the first $58,700 of an employee’s annual salary and provides a maximum of $847 a week per employee. The program is retroactive to March 15, for businesses and charities in need of government support.

The Government of Canada Announces Deal with Provinces to Boost Essential Worker Wages

On May 7th, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $4-billion agreement for all provinces and territories to issue wage top-up’s for low-income essential workers

For the wage boost, the federal government will contribute $3 billion towards the cost-sharing deal, and provinces and territories will provide the additional $1 billion. The government stated that individual provinces and territories will be responsible for deciding which workers are eligible for this incentive.


While the coronavirus continues to spread quickly, it is important to remember that only a small percentage of patients need special treatment to recover. Trusted health experts continue to emphasize that the general population shouldn’t panic and should instead focus on practicing proper hygiene, such as hand-washing and refraining from touching the facial area.

Stay up to date on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by visiting the World Health Organization and the Government of Canada website.

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