Want to know what it takes to run a thriving business? Rajen Ruparell, co-founder and chairman of Canadian mattress brand Endy, as well as co-founder of Groupon International, reveals the six strategies of successful entrepreneurs.

Rajen Ruparell reveals his best advice

When it comes to turning a business idea into multi-million-dollar sales, Rajen Ruparell is the master. As the co-founder and chairman of Endy, the Calgary-born and Toronto-based entrepreneur introduced mattress shopping to the realm of e-commerce and revolutionized the way Canadians shop online. Now the country’s fastest-growing retail company (it is forecast to exceed $50 million in revenue in 2018), Endy’s success—according to Ruparell—boils down to the simplicity of its concept. “The simplest ideas are generally the ones that take off because they have the easiest adoption curve,” Ruparell says—something he maintains holds true in business. Whether you’re thinking of opening your own restaurant or simply launching an eBay shop, here’s what Ruparell wants all budding entrepreneurs to know.

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