Tous les présidents de groupe

Portrait de nos Présidents de groupe: Pascale Roberge

Les leaders jouent un rôle crucial pour faire de leur communauté et de la société un monde meilleur. Grâce à leur ouverture d’esprit et une définition claire de leurs objectifs, les PDG et les propriétaires d’entreprises suscitent les changements souhaités et contribuent à réinventer la croissance mondiale d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Chair Profile: Arnaud Soupa

Arnaud’s diverse work experience, which has taken him around the world, has translated to a leadership style that is well versed in navigating different cultures, stakeholders, and work environments. His global experience within the realm of corporate finance, combined with his experience with small businesses and startups, has made him well-equipped for the role of a TEC Canada Chair.

Chair Profile: Brian Holmes

Being in leadership positions and guiding organizations through several notable economic events, Brian’s expertise extends far beyond rapid growth actions and corporate downsizing. As a previous TEC member, Brian knows how the TEC speakers, resources – and especially – the problem-solving capabilities of a TEC group can help to advance developing leaders and their organizations.

Chair Profile: Marc Grandbois

Marc Grandbois brings over 30 years of business strategy experience to his role as a TEC Canada Chair. With over 16 years’ experience as a TEC member, Marc has a personal understanding of the value that peer advisory and executive coaching can bring to a leader. He is also equipped with certification from the International Coach Federation – which acknowledges his ability to improve the lives, relationships, and business performance of his group members.

Chair Profile: James Christensen

As a serial entrepreneur and past executive in large multinational companies, James Christensen has seen every angle of success – from challenging lessons to triumphant wins. With over 30 years of business experience, he has developed a passion for working with results-driven leaders to help them refine their goals, perfect their leadership skills, and create a path that helps fulfill their vision.

Chair Profile: Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt is recognized as a dynamic professional with over 35 years of business leadership experience – including the successful venture of building and selling an international consulting firm. Equipped with an MBA from Ivey Business School, Hunt’s formal education and real-world experience have prepared him to advise, lead, and help others build impactful businesses.

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